Milton Cottage in Puddingcake Lane, Uckfield.

Car turntable could be built for home in Puddingcake Lane, Uckfield

Plans have been submitted to extend a Grade II listed home in Puddingcake Lane, Uckfield, and build a car turntable in its grounds.

Milton Cottage is on the corner of Church Street and Puddingcake Lane, on the right as you look at the lane from Holy Cross Church.

The plan is to extend the building, on the ground floor only, and build the turntable behind the house in grounds which access Puddingcake Lane.


The interior of the building would be reconfigured to move the kitchen into the extension and also provide a utility room there.

There would be work upstairs too, to reconfigure first floor space to add two en-suite bathrooms. Basement stairs would also be changed.

Documents included with the planning application which is before Wealden Council say the extension and alterations will improve the layout/amenity of the house and the car turntable will make it easier and safer to exit the driveway onto the narrow street.

‘No adverse impacts’

They say: “No elements of the proposal will be readily visible from the street. The proposal will not have any adverse impacts on neighbour amenity.

“The proposal represents minimal harm to the historic interest, character, fabric and appearance of the building. There will be no impact on the settings of nearby listed buildings or on the Conservation Area.”

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