Campaigners want to improve Uckfield skatepark and have started raising funds to do so. (Stock picture)

Campaigners aim to improve Uckfield skatepark

A fund-raising campaign has been launched to improve the skatepark at the Victoria Pleasure Ground in Uckfield.

Organisers have set a target of raising £7,500 and say that all money, regardless of whether or not the target is met, will be used to better the skatepark in some way.

They are hoping to being able to extend the park but if they can’t do that they plan to use donations for things such as graffiti removal, a water fountain, and re-concreting bumpy areas.


The money is being raised on behalf of Uckfield skatepark regulars and the wider community.

“Our skatepark was built purely with skateboarding in mind and consists only of miniature quarter pipes with tiny transitions, a mini-ramp with no room to fly out of, and banks, banks, some slightly larger banks, and would you believe it two banks put together to form a really terrible ‘A Frame’.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Gabby McWilliams who says that really isn’t a great layout for the scooter, BMX and aggressive skate riders that use it in this day and age.

Mayor of Uckfield

The fund-raisers have been told by the Mayor of Uckfield that in order to have the skatepark renovated they will need to raise a considerable amount of money and that is why they have turned to the internet, friends, family and anybody else they can reach.

“With the money hopefully raised from this project we hope to renovate the skatepark (just like other local areas around us have done), so that it is more enjoyable, welcoming and better in general.”

If they manage to get all the money, they hope to build a new section just behind the current skatepark that will consist of a bowl  with an extension, a spine in the middle of it, and maybe some other features, for example a nipple (a little hump-nipple shaped ramp), or a tear drop on the end of the spine.


“We will also want to add a water fountain due to the fact that in the summer we are having to send people every 30 minutes all the way down, and then back up the hill to fill up our water bottles, and a large umbrella type thing that we can get shade under. Maybe with benches in etc.

“We also want to help Uckfield grow as a place by bringing in more people to ride, and have fun with us at our skatepark, whether it is the new or old one.

“This is all, very obviously, an extremely brief outline for what we do with the money raised. However it would mean so much to everyone that rides at Uckfield, if even the littlest amount of support was shown.

“Thanks a lot for giving me and us the time to show how much we would love a new skatepark and what we would potentially do with the money raised for it.”

If you would like to support the fund-raising campaign the GoFundMe page can be found here.

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