Cables snag for Uckfield all-weather pitch

The opening of Uckfield’s all-weather sports pitch being built at the community technology college looks as if it could be delayed.

 Two large electrical cables which cross the college grounds and supply the Manor Park estate “clip” the edge the of the new pitch.

The problem only came to light when soil scrapers were levelling the field as initial survey work could not show how deep the cables were buried.

The frustrating thing for the pitch project organisers is that they are buried at too shallow a depth for the pitch to be completed over them, even though they are under only a square metre in the corner of the pitch.

The actual “problem area” can be seen in the photograph (above) where there is a tiny “island” of grass between the cement mixer and the bottom of the picture.

Moving the cables may cost between £15,000 and £20,000 and because of the delays whilst a final quote is obtained and the work carried out, the scheme is now not likely to be completed until the end of July.

Organisers of the project are now discussing how to fund the work to move the cables. On behalf of the All Weather Pitch for Uckfield Committee, Jeremy Hallett said: “Whilst construction is manageable within our budgets, anyone happy to contribute funds towards the new costs would be very welcome. What we want to do is make sure that everything is finished to the highest standard for a facility we should all be proud of and that can then be used for many years ahead.”

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