Buxted residents to start parking diary because of commuter problems

A parking diary is to be started by residents living in the centre of Buxted as they try to counter rail line commuters parking outside their homes.

The aim is to “prove” that chaotic daily parking, experienced (mainly on Gordon, Framfield and Church Roads), is down to commuters.

Since Christmas, more signs trying to deter parking in the historic heart of the village have become visible.

A meeting decided to launch a parking diary with the sole aim of gathering data in order to prove that the problems are down to commuters, thus “proving that Southern provides insufficient parking for its passengers; turning Buxted into a free car park”.

In a report, parish councillor Katie Seddon, stated: “The parking diary must be simple and consistent. We have to remember the cars parking on the roads are not breaking any laws and this is not a witch hunt – we cannot (there is no need) to take registration numbers, we merely count cars.

“Hopefully we do this at or around the same time every day – I stress the same time and seven days a week – to prove the problems are down to commuters we have to note their absence at weekends.”

PCSO Mark Carter attended the meeting and stressed that although he had sympathy for the residents who constantly put up with inconsiderate parking and would issue parking tickets wherever possible he was deeply concerned at the increasing incidences of damage to cars.

He said mobile CCTV could be used to combat the vandalism.

Several residents reported that their cars had been damaged outside their own homes.

The issue of commuter parking is also causing concerns in Uckfield.

Residents suffer similar to those in Buxted and there have been complaints from businesses that commuters’ vehicles are blocking car parking spaces on the Luxford Field.

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