Busy month for Anonymous Gardener

It’s been a busy time for me over the past month.

On the days that it was sunny I painted wooden window panes and a door.

It took a few coats but now they look good and set for the winter, writes the Anonymous Gardener.

The fencing in my own back garden wasn’t going to be able to face winter either so I painted a transparent preserver on it, this just helps keep it from splintering.

The fence hadn’t been painted in a very long time so it positively soaked up all the preserver and I had to give it another coat.

This month I’ve been surprised at how well the geraniums have looked, they’ve lasted a long time but are now starting to die./images/2012_september/geraniums_web.jpg

In the last few days it has been very sunny so I have been out in the garden watering them.

Earlier in the year, my client was given a hydrangea as a gift. She put it on her sitting room and after a few weeks of looking after it well wondered why its leaves were starting to curl up.

We eventually found out that the hydrangea was in two pots instead of one and the water wasn’t able to get to the roots./images/2012_september/hydrangea_1web.jpg

When we found out I planted it in the garden hoping it could survive and it has. New leaves have grown and it’s starting to flower again!

The roses are looking good too.





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