Roses continue to bloom in an Uckfield garden

Busy autumn in an Uckfield garden

Autumn brings change to the garden. Find out what’s happening in one Uckfield garden with our anonymous gardener:

This time of year is perfect for trimming back unruly hedges and that has been top of the agenda.

You may remember a few years ago we undertook the massive task of virtually cutting a front hedge in half, both in terms of height and width.

Now, it is not such a large task as it is a more manageable height.

You can remain with your feet on the ground to do the trimming.

Another bush cut back at the front of the property was a Canadian lilac which was spreading over the driveway.canadian lilac

A few months ago a ‘grow your own lavender’ plant was given as a present.


It started off growing in what looked like an egg shell which included fertiliser.

When it had grown enough it was transplanted into a larger pot and placed in the garden. From the picture you can see how much it has grown.

Now we have to find a spot to plant it out while the soil is still warm

The summer bedding has lasted well, including the marigolds and fuchsia, although only for a week more.marigolds (2)

Now is the time to plant wallflowers and get in the daffodil and tulip bulbs. We are also trying hyacinth this year.

The rose bushes are still flourishing with new buds appearing, especially on an orange coloured rose buds

Once the frosts come they will need to be partially pruned to prevent windrock during the winter.

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