Bus station improvements backed by Uckfield people

Major improvements to Uckfield Bus Station are included in East Sussex County Council’s plans for town centre improvements.

Points for consideration as a result of the latest round of consultations are:

  • The bus station canopy should be protective in structure and provide a pleasant waiting area
  • Seating to be warm and dry
  • Toilets in this area would be ideal
  • Real-time bus information would be welcomed

The scheme received 211 positive responses (30 negative and 56 neutral)

Installing a central covered canopy received 74 positive responses (134 negative and 51 neutral).

Improved waiting facilities had 182 positive responses (43negativeand 38 neutral).

Real-time bus and train information received 102 positive responses (26 negative and 83 neutral).

Summarising the results, the county council said: “Two hundred and eleven respondents liked the scheme with positivity expressed towards an enclosed ‘seated’ waiting area, which would provide warmth, security and a dry shelter.

“The artist’s impression of the new waiting area proved controversial, some loved the modern design of the canopy whilst others disliked the feature as not in keeping with the characteristics of the town.

“Also, there were negative comments on spending funding just on a central canopy, that respondents felt would provide little shelter from the elements.

“Respondents concern exists that increased bus traffic will add to traffic congestion with increased bus passenger usage.

“Forty-nine people did not want the removal of the loading bay and wanted to see an increased bus schedule for other routes such as town and local villages, this is to be co-ordinated with the arrival and departure of trains.”

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