Bus dwellers seek to keep home

Attempts are being made to renew planning permission to keep a double-decker bus as a home on land at Blackboys.

It is part of an application for Quicken Wood, Lewes Road, which also includes using the land for agriculture, forestry and a “lean-to” structure for residential purposes.

Wealden District Council has tried through the planning process to stop the development but appeals have been allowed.

The site was given temporary permission of one year in April 2009.

A report lodged with the new planning application shows how the owners are using the land in a “sustainable” and “self-sufficient” way.

During the appeals process, the planning inspectors have said an on-site residence was essential and that a “functional, if unconventional, need for a dwelling in the countryside can be said to exist”.

The report also shows how income from enterprises on site – a vegetable box scheme, forestry, artists’ charcoal, haymaking and eggs – had increased.

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