Budgerigar club goes online

The South Eastern Budgerigar Club, a support club for any budgerigar keepers in Sussex, Kent and Surrey has launched an information-packed website. 

Club spokesman, Tony Loveless, said: “Whether you are the owners of just one or two pet budgerigars, breeders and or exhibitors of birds in our budgerigar shows the site has something for you including a discussion forum and an advice Line for people who may have a problem with their bird(s) or just want some information.”

The South Eastern Budgerigar Club, which meets at Uckfield Civic Centre, was founded in 1980 to promote the keeping, breeding and exhibition showing of the birds.

Mr Loveless added: “With the launch of the website we have widened our remit and it is a resource for all budgie keepers in the region.”

Special feature pages of the site include lists of poisonous and bird-friendly plants, shrubs and trees, a page that tells you what colour birds you might expect if cross-breeding particular colours, photos of members’ birds, a birds & bits for sale or wanted page and news pages.

South East Budgerigar Cloub website

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