The remains of polystyrene smashed by mowers which are impossible to pick up, say Brighter Uckfield who took this picture.

Brighter Uckfield warns of environmental damage as plastics smashed on verges

The voluntary clean-up group Brighter Uckfield has highlighted the problem of polystyrene and other plastics being smashed into tiny pieces which are impossible to pick up after roadside verges are mown.

The group says on its Facebook page that these pieces blow around freely, get into the gutter, into the drains, and from there into rivers and the sea.


Tiny balls of polystyrene, photographed by Brighter Uckfield, left after mowers cut grass along roadside verges.

It says: “This is another type of micro-pastic pollution which has been in the news recently thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet TV programme, but which has been getting worse for years.”

Brighter Uckfield says polystyrene and other plastics are continually blown off the back of trucks and the problem is geting worse with open back pickup trucks becoming more popular.

They add: “Keep an eye out when the Spring roadside growth is cut back in April/May – the large amounts of litter already there are literally mown into the ground – which makes if far more difficult to clear up as it is shredded.

“During Springtime the litter is temporarily hidden from view by the growth – and to be fair, it is more difficult for the councils to see it also – but this is the end result.

“The solution is to get the contractors mowing the verges to litter pick them first – what could be simpler … you would have thought?”

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