Bow Bells milepost replanted on A22 near Halland

A Bow Bells milepost, Number 46, has been replanted on the side of the A22 near Halland.

The original sign was first placed about half a mile north of the Halland roundabout in 1760 but was discovered missing, presumed stolen around 2010. It was last known to be in place in December 2007.

The new post has been manufactured using cast iron exactly as it would have been originally.

The new Bow Bells signpost in place on the A22 near Halland.

The project was initiated and financed by East Hoathly and Halland Parish Council as the site of the post falls within their parish boundary.

The process and management of the task was undertaken by Eastbourne Historical Vehicle Club (EHVC) who contributed their time and labour free of charge and enlisted Harling Foundry’s expertise.

The actual casting was carried out by Harling Foundry in Hastings, an old established family run business which is well practiced in the art of producing both original and replica castings for a wide range of purposes.


The club is involved firstly because the road concerned starts in Eastbourne “E”. Secondly the Club is interested in History “H”, the posts were put up for the benefit of travellers and vehicles “V”.

Lastly they add Community “C” and so complete the initials of the club, EHVC.

This is the third post that the club has replaced. Two lost posts have been discovered, and subsequently refurbished with new oak backing boards and repainted before replanting, this third post is a complete replacement.


A club spokesperson said “We don’t know exactly when the original went missing. The closest research has discovered that it was there in December 2007 and missing around 2010, presumably stolen. The new post has been manufactured using cast iron as they originally were.

The Bow Bells run of posts is the longest in Britain running from Hailsham to Forest Row. There are a few more after that but they are very sporadic.

Of the 24 posts three are currently missing, the club is hoping this latest initiative might provoke interest from councils or other parties to help finance the completion of the run.

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