Catherine Broughton whose latest book is A Tall Boy in Australia.

Book tells the story of ‘A Tall Boy in Australia’

A Tall Boy in Australia is the seventh book written by author, poet, and artist, Catherine Broughton who has a home in Uckfield.

It tells the story of Catherine’s husband in Australia and was dictated by him when their children were little.

Catherine said they had no TV and this was a way to while away the winter evenings. “We were living in France at the time, in a remote property. Years went by (20 years in fact), before I got the story typed out and then published.”


The blurb on the back of the book reads:

“Between the years 1942 and 1982 the Australian Government operated a ‘populate or perish’ scheme which encouraged migrants, mostly from the UK, to settle in Australia.

“The 1960s were the boom years for this scheme, and among the many thousands who moved to Australia was a tall Sussex lad called Bruce …”

Catherine was born in South Africa to a big family. Her father, from Somerset, was a doctor of tropical disease and his work took the family all over the world.

They spent many years in various parts of Africa, the South Pacific, Switzerland and more. The story of her youth, which includes living on a leper colony, is related in the book ‘Kefani’.

Later in life, with her own children, Catherine lived abroad and visited many countries around the world. Her novels and tales of travel reflect her expatriate lifestyle.

For many years Catherine did illustrations almost uniquely for charity cards, gifts to relatives or fund-raising. Several of her sketches have been used in magazines.

She is the author of many articles, poems, short stories, and books for children, as well as her novels.

Most of Catherine’s books are available in Uckfield Library. A Tall Boy in Australia and others are available on Amazon.

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