Part of the site which will be developed for 1,000 new homes at Uckfield

Bigger houses plan for Uckfield meets opposition

Pressure is beginning to build against proposals to allow more bigger houses to be built in the 1,000 homes development planned for the west of Uckfield.

Details of Wealden District Council’s consultation on changing the housing mix were reported here

Now two town councillors have come out against the proposals with the council itself due to formulate its official response shortly.

Deputy mayor, Cllr Jeremy Hallett, said: “We were told that the site would be relatively low density and that is now 20 per cent worse.

“The market dwellings have also increased dramatically in size. Affordable property to buy is needed as well as larger more profitable units or the kids of Uckfield will not be able to buy anything.”

‘Inappropriate and anti-social’

Cllr Alan Whittaker said: “The revised mixture of dwellings is both inappropriate and anti-social in that the most vulnerable in society are not being adequately catered for.

“This is particularly regrettable in view of the fact that fact that would-be first time buyers born in Uckfield are priced out of the market.

“The percentage of five bedroom dwellings is increased from three to ten per cent.  Apart from anything else this will probably mean two 200 extra cars leading to traffic problems and more air pollution.”

Both councillors are also worried about the allocation of “green spaces”; known as SANGS. We reported on the changes proposed here

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