The Ringles Cross area of Uckfield where there are concerns about the speed of traffic

Bid to collect data on speeding Uckfield traffic

Speed surveys have been proposed for key routes into and out of Uckfield in a bid to get limits reduced and safety measures put in place.

Roads that would be checked are Eastbourne Road, Church Street, Framfield Road and two in the Ringles Cross area.

Uckfield Town Council has agreed in principle to “match-fund” the surveys with East Sussex County Council, subject to costings and clarification of the financial arrangements.

Ringles Cross resident Jonathan Smith brought the case for his area to a full meeting of councillors on Monday (February 20).

Mr Smith had written to town clerk, Holly Goring, asking for two speed surveys on London Road between the Browns Lane junction and the Budletts roundabout.

“I feel that the surveys should be located near Chichester Caravans and between Ringles Cross and Browns Lane.


“I have seen several accidents at the Ringles Cross area and have a concern for safety on a number of fronts, including people using the footpaths along London Road (eg Schoolchildren for UCTC), people walking to and crossing the road to bus stops, local businesses, (i.e. customers of BluAuto, Chichester Caravans, The Ringles Cross Pub and Blue Asia Restaurant) and of course other road users.

“I would like to achieve a safer and sustainable traffic and transport network along London Road from Browns Lane to Budletts roundabout enabling a connected community in a safe environment, allowing safe and sustainable mobility (walking, bus, car), with thriving businesses and increased well-being in the area.”

He has been making his case for improvements for some months, including this article on

Need for data

Mr Smith said it was important now to gather data to understand traffic volumes and speeds as the foundation to proposals for improvements, plus also to prove or disprove people’s perceptions.

He pointed out that a similar method was used by Graham Midmer in a campaign to reduce the speed limit from Ringles Cross to Coopers Green which achieved match-funding from Buxted Parish Council through the county council’s community match funding scheme.

A report from the town clerk told members highway safety action met the council’s agreed priorities and money had put in the next financial year’s budget for speed reduction signage.

From our files

Safety work investigation in Ringles Cross danger area

Your comments

John Warren comments on our Facebook page: “Ringles junction always seems to be an issue, speed or not…patience not speed there, I think.

“As for the stretch down to Chichester Caravans, not an issue going out of town, but some do seem to apply the “must get that last overtake in” rule as they go up the incline towards the parked cars/width restriction near Ringles on the way into town…”

Ian Mackay says: “Getting tired of seeing cars entering and exiting Uckfield past the Browns lane junction at speeds of 40+ in the 30 zone. People cross that section to the bus stops and speeds are getting excessive again.”

Glen Dixon says: “When does the 20 Zone come into effect?”

Linda Johnson says: “I live near Blue Asia and Chichester caravans for 4 years now and cannot believe the speed some drivers are doing as well as overtaking leaving and entering the town via London road. Trying to turn into and out of a drive into this road can be quite a challenge at times. Please reduce the speed limit to at least 40mph if not 30mph.”

Maria Mann says: “Please do this for Piltdown, the main road.”

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