Three Spitfires fly over Uckfield on the 75th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Britain. Picture by Nick Fontana

Battle of Britain aircraft above Uckfield in memorial flights

Two sections of Battle of Britain aircraft passed over Uckfield this afternoon (September 15).

They were taking part in a series of flypasts to commemorate the 75th anniversary of one of the key moments in the Battle.

The flypast began from Goodwood with two flights passing over Uckfield within around five minutes of each other at around 2.35pm.


Spitfires flying over Hempstead Road, Uckfield, this afternoon. Picture: Jonathan Nixon.

A number of routes were being flown by different groups of aircraft on what is known as Battle of Britain Day with orange section, on its way to Bentwaters in Suffolk, and yellow section heading for the iconic airfield at Duxford, now home to part of the Imperial War Museum.

The steady note of the aircraft’s engines could be heard before they could be seen above the town.

The first group of three aircraft – Spitfires – headed in the general direction of Blackboys after passing over Uckfield with the second group of four going towards Buxted – a Blenheim, two Hurricanes and a Spitfire.

Both were expected to go on to Tunbridge Wells.

About an hour later the distinctive note of the World War 2 aircraft was heard again over the town as a flight of two Huricanes an  a  Spitfire  passed over.

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