Barricades have gone up in an Uckfield garden to stop squirrels digging up pansies.

Barricades go up to stop Uckfield squirrels pulling out pansies

Planting for spring has continued this month in an Uckfield garden. New wallflowers can now be seen along the back borders.

Much like daffodils planted last month they have been placed close together to give a good display when they flower, writes the Uckfield News Anonymous Gardener.


Newly planted pansies.

Pots around the garden have been cleared to make way for polyanthus and pansies which reminds me that squirrels have been pulling up pansies in one of the pots, possibly searching for tasty bulbs to eat or a good place to hide nuts.

After the third time tidying up after them it was time to put up the barricades. You will see the result, short sticks between the plants, in one of my pictures.

There have also been a few maintenance jobs in the garden. For example it was time again for the conservatory to be cleaned. It had been done in the spring but was going green with moss and leaves starting to collect up there.

Also we’re in the process of re-painting fences. We’re using a paint which can be pumped and sprayed on. This is making the job much easier, and quicker, compared with using a brush.

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