A carnival baby for 20 years - Dave Johnson.

Baby is iconic sight on carnival day

Charity collections began in Uckfield High Street this morning as a warm-up for the day’s carnival events.

Dave Johnson was there dressed as a baby complete with nappy, bonnet, and bottle which is used to bop people on the head as they pass him.

He has been collecting for the carnival for 40 years, about 20 of them as a baby. There was a time when he changed his costume each year but after his first appearance as a baby there was no going back – everybody wanted to see the baby again.

On the other side of the High Street there was a monk and also a group of jellyfish led by Anna Sherwood. Her grandchildren were all recruited to help with collecting.


Anna Sherwood and her jellyfish granddaughters, collecting funds for Uckfield Carnival charities.

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