Five generations of one family. Holding baby Bella is her great great grandmother Joyce Doidge, while mum Laura Neale, great grandmother Ann Nash, and grandmother Helen Neale look on.

Baby Bella starts fifth generation in her family

Baby Bella Barton, from Uckfield, is a very special member of a five generation family.

Very few children are welcomed to the world by their great great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother and mother.

But Bella, who was born on December 7, 2018, has all these women, with experience gained through the generations, queuing up to cuddle her.

Great great grandmother

Great great grandmother Joyce Doidge, 93, is taking her turn in the picture here. With them are Bella’s great grandmother Ann Nash, 72, grandmother, Helen Neale, 52, and Bella’s mum Laura Neale.

Joyce and Ann both live in Eastbourne. Joyce once worked in a factory but when her husband fought in World War 2 she stayed at home to look after her three children and continued as a house wife.

Ann used to own a B&B at Birling Gap and there was a time she worked in retail too, until she had her children.


Helen, who lives in Uckfield, worked in retail and became a care assistant until she took time off work to look after her daughter Josie, Laura’s sister, who lost her life to cancer nine years ago.

After that Helen went to university to train to become a nurse and she now works at the Horder Centre, Crowborough.

Laura, who trained as a beauty therapist and worked in retail, said Bella was a very special arrival in her family after the loss of Josie. Her parents Helen and Richard were delighted to be grandparents.


Laura’s fiance Darren, who already has two sons, is enjoying having a daughter too.

Darren and Laura’s parents, Helen and Richard, are keen darts players. They play across Uckfield and in the surrounding area for the Uckfield Club.

They are encouraging Laura to join them but so far she has avoided doing so and Bella is keeping her busy at the moment.

Second time

This is the second time there have been five generations in Laura’s family.

Last time the five generations included Laura’s great great grandmother Maud Doidge, her great grandad Richard Doidge (husband of Joyce mentioned in the current five generations), her grandmother Ann Nash (also in the latest picture), her aunt Sue Smith and her cousin Luke Smith.


Flashback to 1989 when a story and picture in the Eastbourne Gazette marked the birth of Luke Smith, the fifth generation of his family.

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