Another week of abysmal service on Uckfield Line

Independent columnist Observer says passenger protests and stinging attacks from MPs about the service provided by Southern are like water off a duck’s back, as far as the company is concerned.


It’s been another week of abysmal service from Southern on the Uckfield Line.

  • Trains late.
  • Trains cancelled.
  • Uckfield and Buxted passengers dumped at Crowborough.
  • Wrong information given to travellers.
  • A two-carriage train used instead of ten to serve a peak-time service out of London Bridge.
  • Too many passengers blamed for a delay (I kid you not).

Southern and the RMT union are still at loggerheads with another series of strikes planned between now and Christmas.

If past form is anything to go by, on all the 14 strike days there will no trains on the Uckfield Line.

Misery heaped up on misery.

MPs, including Wealden’s Nus Ghani, issue strongly worded statements, condemn Southern, ask for assurances and generally kick up a stink.

Nus has a long list on her website of her actions. So far, the net effect of her words, and those of her colleagues, for passengers is: absolutely nothing.

The service is as bad or worse than it ever was. After all, fine words butter no parsnips.

The train company is taking no notice of MPs, no notice of its passengers…it is just ploughing on doing the same thing and getting the same results.

It’s a law unto itself.

The solution is surely a new company to run the railway.

Everyone has lost confidence in Southern.

We all “know” in the Dog and Duck than in normal circumstances Southern would have been booted out by the government.

Why hasn’t it lost the franchise?

Simple really when you know the terms of the franchise which, in reality, mean Southern is managing the railway for the Department for Transport.

The DfT can hardly kick itself into touch.

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