Another day of trains chaos

Commuters suffered a new low on the Uckfield line this morning.

The 07:34 service left for London Bridge with passengers already standing.

The train was “short-formed” and followed the cancellation of the previous service.

Enrico Tizzano posted on the Facebook page: “Yet again, fun on the trains this morning. 7:08 cancelled due to faulty trains, and the 7:34 only formed of four coaches due to ‘the unusually large number of faulty trains’.

“The clever Buxted and Crowborough commuters got on the train on the way to Uckfield, so it was pretty full already when it arrived. People are standing, and we’re ten minutes delayed leaving. This whole line is a farce!”

The daily Twitter storm over the service reached new fury this morning.

One person said: “The current Uckfield line service is contemptible. Almost two weeks of delays and short trains.”

In a statement Southern said an “unusual number of diesel units were under repair”.

It has supplemented the trains with a bus from Uckfield, via Buxted, to Haywards Heath.

“We are very sorry for the continued disruption to Uckfield line services,” Southern said.

See also our story of yesterday’s rail rally by Conservative Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Wealden, Nus Ghani, when she said Southern could not just on apologising day after day.

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