Public health officials have released these images to help identify a product used after ear-piercing which has been withdrawn after causing infections.

Alert about ear-piercing infections

Public health officials in Wealden and Rother are asking people who have recently had an ear piercing, and establishments involved in ear piercing, to be on the alert for infections caused by an aftercare saline solution.

A cluster of cases of the serious infection Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the South East of England have been linked to specific brands  of saline solutions used to treat the skin after ear piercing.

“Although none of the establishments so far linked with sales of the suspect saline solution are in Wealden or Rother, we are urging both customers and shops to be alert to infection which may be linked to the product,” said Richard Parker-Harding, Head of Environmental Health.

Resistance to antibiotics

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is of particular concern due to its resistance to antibiotics. We are contacting local ear piercing studios to alert them to the risk but we would also advise anyone suffering infection following a recent ear piercing to contact their GP and get in touch with Rother and Wealden Environmental Health Service at  or telephone 01424 787550. You should also report any possible infection to the piercing establishment.

The particular saline product connected to the infection is a 100ml spray bottle manufactured by Lion Care Products Ltd.  There is no consistent brand or label being used on the product. Some bottles will have the manufacturer’s trading name, Body Art Supplies, or may carry the Lion Care name.  Other studios may just have their own studio name or brand label.

Further advice

If you use this product, stop using it immediately and seek further advice at . The product has been recalled but it is likely that some stocks may remain in studios.

Anyone who carries out ear piercings must be licensed with their environmental health department and should follow the guidance issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, which can be found here.

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