There is already a 20mph speed limit in Uckfield High Street

20mph speed limit idea for Uckfield housing estates and residential streets

Pressure is to be applied to try to get a 20mph speed limit on all Uckfield housing estates and residential streets.

The need to slow traffic through areas where people live was outlined by Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Duncan Bennett, Trust Independent, New Town.

Cllr Duncan Bennett

Cllr Duncan Bennett

His request for the matter to be put on an agenda when the town council formally meets the county council was accepted by the town’s environment and leisure committee last night (May 30).

There is already a 20mph limit for much of Uckfield High Street, Church Street and part of Hempstead Road.

Cllr Bennett said: “I think it would be very valid to introduce to the discussion the possibility of actually introducing a 20mph speed limit across all estate and residential-type roads; obviously Church Coombe, Manor Park and new estates and also places such as Vernon Road and Selby Road.

20mph limits ‘becoming standard’

“I think my experience of travelling around other parts of the world, those 20mph speed limits are pretty much becoming standard in all such locations.

“I think it would very worthwhile for us to suggest to East Sussex County Council that they look at that most seriously with a view to introducing that to our residential streets.

Cllr Bennett raised the matter when councillors discussed road safety proposals put forward for the Manor Park Estate, as reported yesterday by

No crossing patrol at Manor School

He added that Manor School was without a “lollipop” crossing patrol after the person who did the job left some months ago and that the county council needed a reminder that the job was vacant.

“It is a very important role on that road,” he said.

The woman who has been the patrol had done a “fantastic” job.

He said: “She stopped kids walking across willy-nilly. She would tell parents exactly what they should be doing with their children.

“It is noticeable with her not there that the despite best efforts of the majority of parents, it is starting to slip.”

Downsview Crescent parking concerns

Earlier in the meeting, John Moar, a Downsview Crescent resident, told councillors of the dangers he sees close to his home during school dropping off and picking up times.

Mr Moar said the parking severely restricted the width of the road, causing problems for any large vehicles. The refuse collection lorry could not get through recently and he was particularly concerned over access for emergency vehicles.

He said there were other health and safety issues, especially vehicles parking and leaving from parking while children were crossing the road.

Possible solutions

Mr Moar said he was concerned at the state of the verges, particularly on the left-hand side in the uphill direction.

“It is an ongoing problem and it now needs addressing.

“There are a number of options been mentioned to me personally and on Facebook. One is bollards to prevent cars going on to the verge. This has a downside that if vehicles are parking on the road you have less room for vehicles to get through.

“The other one is putting in a one-way system or putting in parking restrictions at certain times of the days when the schools are there.

“My personal opinion is that it needs a battery of measures to solve this particular problem.”

The launch of the Walk and Talk initiative by schools in Downsview Crescent, Uckfield

The launch of the Walk and Talk initiative by schools in Downsview Crescent, Uckfield

Mr Moar said the Walk and Talk initiative instigated by Manor, Uckfield Community College and Twiglets nursery was not working.

“I can’t see any reduction in parking up and down this road,” he said.

He asked the committee to raise the issue with East Sussex County Council.

Cllr Paul Sparks, who is not a member of the environment and leisure committee, speaking from the floor said Walk and Talk would need time to become effective as it involved changing people’s habits and routines.

Cllr Paul Sparks

Cllr Paul Sparks

He said: “I think we have to accept that to get any improvement is going to take a while. That has been fully understood and it is accepted it will take several months for any noticeable change to take place but we are optimistic that Walk and Talk will eventually help.”

Cllr Sparks told the committee the Children Slow Down signs – mentioned in our previous article – had now been replaced and no longer needed to be raised with the county council.

He said the issue of the bollards was going to be raised with the department within the county council which dealt with licensing and enforcement.

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