10,000 sq m of new shopping space in Uckfield

Up to 10,000 square metres of new shopping space are envisaged in any redevelopment of Uckfield town centre.

A joint committee is being set up to oversee the redevelopment and expansion.

The committee will be made up of representatives of East Sussex County Council, Uckfield Town Council and Wealden District Council.

Its objectives are to promote a comprehensive scheme of improvements to increase the attractiveness of Uckfield by creating a vibrant and town centre.

The scheme will include around 10,000 square metres (about the size of one-and-a-half football pitches) of additional retail space. There will be increased public and recreational space.

Two members from each council will be on the joint committee. There is a presumption that meetings will be open to the public, although items deemed confidential will be held in private.

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