Wealden Works: town council did us proud, says Observer

Our independent columnist Observer was saddened to read that a vital project helping young people across Wealden had hit financial trouble but was delighted Uckfield Town Council was lending as hand.

Broken Britain is a phrase that is often glibly thrown around with one symptom being young people who have almost left society.

They are known as NEETS – not in education, employment or training. Some see them as feckless, hopeless cases, beyond hope.

It’s a good job that not everyone thinks like that.

An “under the radar” organisation called Heathfield Works has been quietly working at getting significant numbers of these young people into work and into society.

Tomorrow’s People

It had a sister organisation called Hailsham Works.

Most of the funding came from a charity called Tomorrow’s People but that money disappeared from the start of the new financial year.

Budget cuts, we are told was the reason.

Now the organisers of these two valued organisations are regrouping and relaunching as Wealden Works but need to find £80,000+ for the current financial year to offer the services they do.

£10,000 donation

Uckfield Town Council did the our community proud on Monday night and pledged to donate £10,000 for this year – and will look later at what can be done in future years.

I hope other town and parish councils will also quickly step up to the plate and ensure Wealden Works has the money it needs.

If you have any doubts as to the value of this organisation, read the case studies in this UckfieldNews.com news story.

Significant difference

And, if you still have any doubts, I found this on the Heathfield Works website:

Chairman of the Heathfield Partnership Trust, Rupert Simmons said: “I am immensely proud of the programme we have been running over these last few years, it has made a significant difference to the life prospects of over 200 young individuals, otherwise struggling to get on their career path.

“The community has come back to life with families re-adopting discarded children, crime and vandalism levels falling.

“Businesses thrived using the scheme as their recruitment centre where all candidates were schooled in employability and work placed discipline. Work placements before commitments gave assurance to all parties.“

Enough said.

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