Save our High Street – go shopping today

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If you do one thing today, it should be this: Go shopping in Uckfield. Your town needs you.

Shoppers seem to have melted away this last week like ice-creams in a heatwave.

The roadworks are the culprits as news of the horrendous traffic jams at teatimes spread.

Note the words: teatime. Between around 4.30 and 6.30 pm it has been horrendous – the rest of the time there really has been no problem, much beyond what we are used to.

If everyone stays away from the shops during this nine-weeks of roadworks there may not be much of a town centre to come back to.

So, as I said. Get out and go shopping.

Save our High Street may seem over the top but you can and should do your bit.

There are few tweaks to the roadworks the county council could still enact. The main one, to my mind, is to do something to help traffic get out of River Way.

As for the rest of the council’s conduct over the whole affair, I will say no more. It’s not sporting to shoot turkeys.

* has given extensive coverage to the roadworks this week. Scroll down the homepage to see what’s been going on.

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