Krish Stevens at The Paleo Gym - CrossFit Uckfield.

Friendly community keeps people going to CrossFit

The Paleo Gym – CrossFit Uckfield will be celebrating its second anniversary in premises at Crockstead Farm Hotel in August.

The business, which was launched five years ago, in the garage at the home of founder Krish Stevens, is proving a success with its emphasis on clean-eating as well as fitness.


About 60 people are members of the gym which offers CrossFit strength and conditioning classes involving high intensity, functional movements.

Krish said: “The classes are a mixture of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics movements. They are constantly varied, never boring, and because of the high intensity you get very quick and sustainable results.


“People carry on coming because of the community. In most gyms you see people with their headphones in, they don’t chat, but during the classes, everyone chats. It is like a social thing.”

The Paleo Gym is the only gym in Uckfield offering CrossFit. People sign up for a monthly membership which costs £80 and are then able to attend as many classes as they like on the six days the gym is open.

pregnant lisa subs barbell cleans and split jerks for dumbbell cleans and push jerks

“Some attend two or three times, others six times a week, some twice a day. We support a lifestyle change involving Paleo Nutrition, with its emphasis on meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, seeds, nuts and a little bit of fruit. No grains, sugar or dairy and limited starchy carbs, though people can adapt it to suit themselves.”

Krish said there are classes tailored for different age groups, pre-school toddlers, kids, teens and adults and they suit all people whether they are a competitive athlete, or a couch potato.


Coaches are on hand every time you train. They include Krish herself, her husband Russ, and Maggie Kane who runs the kids classes and the Couch to CrossFit sessions, which offer a slightly less intense gateway into CrossFit.

Everyone starts with an intro class and, if they feel confident in the gym go straight on into the normal classes which are held twice a day. There are open gym sessions too.


Duck neighbours pop in to take a closer look at The Paleo Gym – CrossFit Uckfield.

If you would like to know more please contact Krish on 01825 841112 or 07795 016982, or by email at or check the website for more details

• Contact details for The Paleo Gym – CrossFit Uckfield can be found 24/7 in our Uckfield Directory. Look for the name or search in categories for Gyms or Fitness.

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