Enjoy the West Park bluebells

Bluebells are sprinkled across the West Park Nature Reserve in Uckfield at the moment and it is well worth going along to see them.

Residents on the West Park estate are very lucky having this lovely ‘breathing space’ on their doorsteps, writes The Ambler.

Yes, there’s the hum of cars on the by-pass in one direction and the houses in another but in between there is open landscape, along with wooded walks and plenty of scope for adventure for children with winding paths to run along and giant rocks to climb.

The bluebells took me by surprise. I hadn’t associated them with the reserve though I know there is usually a spectacular carpet of them at Boothland Wood next to the Victoria Ground in New Town during May.

If you would like to visit the West Park reserve, a good place to leave your car is the West Park pavilion.

Cross Markland Way and follow a green, sometimes muddy footpath, into the reserve.

Then just follow your nose and enjoy exploring.

My companions and I finished our walk by crossing the Uckfield to Piltdown road and wandering into Lake Wood but time was running out so after taking a picture of the lake we headed back to the car.

We must return soon to this place which is described by some as the most beautiful place on earth but which to me sometimes seems a little creepy, particularly the dank cave and the tunnel cut through the rock.

West Park woodland orig1



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