Competition winners praised at Uckfield arts and crafts fair

“Fantastic work”, that was the verdict of children’s author and illustrator Alan Baker who presented prizes to competition winners at an arts and crafts fair in Uckfield on Saturday.

More than 400 children entered the competition which had the theme of ‘I wish …’ and Alan said he could see it would have been very difficult to choose the winners who are named below.


Some of the art competition winners with international children’s author and illustrator Alan Baker, chair of Bridge Arts Annie Mills, and poet and artist Audrey Haney.

He added that work in the general exhibition was of an “immensely high standard” and praised the organisers for bringing the whole together.

He said some people thought art was all about decoration but he agreed with the saying that one picture was worth 1,000 words and, more than that, art was a form of communication.


More art competition winners with children’s author and illustrator Alan Baker pointing out their work.

Alan presented signed copies of his books to the winners and there were prizes too from poet and artist Audrey Haney.

The two-day art show opened on Friday afternoon and included the opportunity for visitors to mingle with guests during the evening, while music was provided by Alex Butler playing acoustic guitar.

On Saturday there were workshops to enjoy along with the displays of arts and crafts.

Among exhibitors were mother and daughter Daphne Wickens and Rosemary Huxley, Jo McGilvary and Tessa Deverill. They are pictured below. More of the artists can be seen with their work in pictures taken on Friday here.


Mother and daughter Daphne Wickens and Rosemary Huxley who shared a stand at the arts and crafts fair in Uckfield.


Jo McGilvary with some of her work.


Tessa Deverill with some of her woven rugs and some little sheep she has made.

Children’s competition prize-winners:

First: Under 5s, Lila; 5-7 George Hooper; 8-10 Sophia Friston; 11-13 Freya Jeffery.

Second: Under 5s, Oliver Murrell; 5-7 Evie Hickson; 8-10, Keira Wood; 11-13 Imogen Churchill.

Third: Under 5s, James; 5-7 Chloe Spencer; 8-10, Tegan Algee; 11-13 Lucy Churchill.

Highly Commended: Summer, Beatrice Cate, Jensen Smith, Rowan Matheson, Freddie Keeys, Indley Tilley, Anna Sherriff, Ben Harley-Owen.

Merit: Bill, and Christopher Gickerson.

• Many of the artists involved in the weekend’s arts and crafts fair will also be exhibiting in a Big Day Art and Crafts Exhibition in the Uckfield Club, Bell Lane, Uckfield, next to the bus depot on Saturday, July 7, 10am-4pm. Entry will be free of charge.

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